Published 20 Jan 2022

Santa Lights

Santa Lights Case Study

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303% increase in sales for Santa Lights


303% increase in sales for Santa lights


605% increase in ROAS


5 new campaigns


1 new rebranding campaign

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  • web design
  • remarketing
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Santa Lights is an American holiday lighting company, which has been servicing the Houston area for over 3 years. The lighting company primarily focuses on residential holiday lighting projects. They are also known for doing over-the-top lighting shows.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia

1. Lead growth
2. Client retention
3. Increase in web traffic
4. Focus on brand development


The original website's conversion and usage patterns were poor.

We didn't have a client CRM to keep track of all client queries.

It was challenging to assess how their google advertisements functioned because they had no significant site data collected.

The Santa lights website didn't have any analytic tools installed to track important KPIs

Because previous marketing campaigns were solely centered on the different titles offered on the website, they had no effect on raising awareness of the Google My Business account. Our team was given the task of developing strategies that would employ branding activities to increase the subscriber base financially beyond what could be achieved with title-driven advertising. From this particular group of clients, we anticipated stronger retention rates.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia

1. We completely redesigned the website, putting a UX/UI emphasis on simple navigation to boost lead generation. Additionally, we gathered lead generation techniques from rival websites.

2. We switched the subscription payment method from sending a manual invoice to a monthly automatic charge in order to lessen the likelihood that a customer would forget to pay for their membership. As an alternative to paying month to month, we also created an annual monthly subscription option, which allowed them to accept a contract annual deal in which they would pay considerably less if they committed to an annual arrangement.

3. To assess the efficiency of the account, we audited every aspect of the Google Ads account. Without any tags indicating which pages or CTAs worked well, it was difficult to gauge how the account fared. Consequently, we decided to rebuild our campaign to be consistent with our sitemap and integrate all the necessary analytics tools on each of the new sites.

4. Due to the effectiveness of print marketing in the holiday lighting niche and the client's prior success with it, we also decided to conduct a branding project with a focus on print advertising.

5. Because the market price per click for the holiday lighting niche is very cheap we were able to take advantage of that so we were able to have more budget to spend on remarketing and other advertising channels


303% increase in sales for Santa lights

605% increase in ROAS

5 new campaigns

1 new rebranding campaign

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