Published 20 Jan 2022

JM Customs

JM Customs Case Study

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103% increase in PPC traffic for JM Customs


As a result of our PPC efforts, we were able to increase our MRR by 3x


We also were able to bring increase ROAS by 5x


3 new advertising channels introduced


103% increase in overall traffic

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  • PPC advertising
  • web design
  • remarketing
  • branding
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JM customs is a mobile car detailing business that services Houston texas and college station. The car detailing business does primarily car cleaning but offers various services such as ceramic coating and monthly maintenance subscriptions.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia

“Lead Larger is one of the best agencies I’ve worked with. They full automated my onboarding booking system and redesigned my website as I had envisioned. Sebastian was professional and quick to respond. Would definitely work with him again.”

— Mauricio Mateus, Founder

1. Lead growth
2. Client retention
3. Increase in web traffic
4. Focus on brand development


The original website was poorly designed for conversions and consumption

Clients didn't subscribe to his monthly services for longer than 3 months

Because they didn't have any important site metrics logged it was difficult to understand how their google ads performed

His website didn't have any analytic tools installed to track important KPIs

Previous marketing initiatives achieved nothing to increase awareness for the google my business account because they were exclusively focused on the various titles available on the site. Our team was challenged with coming up with plans that would make use of branding initiatives in order to expand the subscriber base commercially beyond what could be done with title-driven advertising. We anticipated higher retention rates from this group of clients.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia via Unsplash

1. We did a complete website redesign that was UX/UI focused for easy navigation for an increase in lead growth. We also grabbed competitor strategies on how they got leads with their websites

2. To reduce the possibility of a client forgetting to pay their subscription, we changed the subscription payment method from sending a manual invoice to a monthly automatic charge. We also implemented an annual monthly subscription offer so that instead of paying month to month, they could agree to a contract annual deal where they would pay significantly less if they committed to an annual deal.

3. We conducted a complete google ads account audit to evaluate the effectiveness of the account. It was tough to see how the account performed without any tags telling us what pages or CTA performed. So what we ended up deciding was to embed all the proper analytics tools on each of the new pages and restructure our campaign to be congruent with our sitemap.

4. We also ended up doing a complete branding specifically with an emphasis on print marketing because in the car detailing industry print marketing is very effective and also the client had lots of success previously with print marketing.


As a result of our PPC efforts, we were able to increase our MRR by 3x

We also were able to bring increase ROAS by 5x

3 new advertising channels introduced

103% increase in PPC traffic (45% increase in print marketing traffic)

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