Published 4 March 2023


Yara Cares Case Study

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Remarketing Campaigns and new website give therapist a running lead gen machine.


1 designed and developed a website


10 Google ads were made and 1 remarketing campaign


one newsletter were made.


2 social media profiles made.

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  • PPC advertising
  • web design
  • remarketing
  • branding
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Yara Garcia is therapist located in Houston Texas who has been practicing for over 10 years. She provides counseling and therapy services to individuals and couples dealing with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship problems. Dr. Yara wanted to create an online presence for her practice to increase her client base and reach a wider audience.


1. Develop a modern, responsive website that reflects the values of Dr. Garcia's practice and communicates her services clearly to potential clients.
2. Create a Google Ads campaign targeting her motivated audiences.
3. Implement effective marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversions.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia
Web Design & Development

We started by designing a clean and modern website that conveys a sense of calm and professionalism. The color scheme was kept minimal with a red/orange pallet with pastel intensity and white to reflect the calming nature of therapy. The website layout was kept simple with easy navigation, clear headings, and an intuitive structure. We also included a prominent call-to-action on the homepage to encourage potential clients to schedule an appointment.

We incorporated several features into the website to make it more user-friendly and informative for potential clients. For example, We included an appointment booking section where users can find an opening in Dr. Garcias' schedule and pick a time a date that works for both of them.

We also added a section explaining Dr. Garcia's healing process and what their relationship would be like with the addition of the booking system, we added automated SMS reminders to each client 25 hours and 1 hour before an appointment to reduce no-shows.

Google ads

We conducted extensive research on relevant keywords and phrases to create targeted Google Ads campaigns. We identified the most popular search terms and created ads that targeted people searching for therapy and counseling services in Dr. Garcias' local area. We also included ad extensions that highlighted the unique features of her practice, such as her years of experience and her compassionate approach to therapy.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, we created multiple ad variations to test which ones performed best. We continually monitored and optimized the campaigns based on the data we collected, adjusting bid amounts, ad copy, and targeting to improve the click-through rate and conversion rate. luckily since we created her website it was fairly easy to have analytics tags on all her important CTA’s throughout her Website.

The Google Ads campaigns were highly successful, generating a significant increase in leads and conversions for Dr. Garcia's practice. The ads appeared at the top of Google search results pages for relevant keywords, making it easier for potential clients to find her practice online. The click-through rates and conversion rates were consistently high, resulting in a substantial return on investment for Dr. Garcia. Overall, the Google Ads campaigns played a crucial role in helping her practice Reach her targeted Audience.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Garcia

We implemented several marketing strategies to generate leads and increase conversions. We created social media profiles for the practice on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and engage with potential clients and communities. We also created remarketing ads on Instagram to reach potential clients based on their demographics and interests.

We also implemented email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with existing clients and encourage repeat appointments. We sent out monthly newsletters with tips and advice on mental health and wellness, as well as updates on Dr. Garcia's' practice.


1 designed and developed a website

10 Google ads were made and 1 remarketing campaign

one newsletter were made

2 social media profiles made

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